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The world is reopening for business and you don't want to be left behind. Whether you're opening your doors for the first time since the pandemic or looking to boost your business after coronavirus, find out how to get ahead of the competition.

In this webinar, LikeMind Media's BizPaul looks at the fears associated with relaunching your business and how you can overcome them. From small budgets to concern about promoting sales messages, no stone is left unturned.

It's free, of course. We also know your time's precious (now more than ever) so we're keeping it short and sweet.

Yes, please!


What you should - and shouldn't - be doing to relaunch your marketing. Including examples based on a variety of industries and target audiences.

How to overcome your fears about marketing your business in a post-COVID lockdown environment. Working with a small budget? Find out what to focus on.

We know that your time is precious so we've condensed lots of knowledge into a small amount of space. The whole webinar is just 45 minutes.

To make sure you get the most out of the webinar, there will be a Q&A session. Fire over your burning questions and BizPaul will answer them at the end.

Meet BizPaul.

Paul, aka BizPaul (to everyone), is the little big cheese (Director) at LikeMind Media.

He can often be found talking to others about all things about conversations, whether that’s through social media, writing or even audio. With over 20 years’ experience in bringing businesses and customers together, Paul has worked with a vast range of clients including a working cow farm, a smart factory software company and a pregnancy pilates business.

He’s the host of MarketEd.Live, our flagship marketing education event in Nottingham and the associated podcast.